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Elle Style Bar Celebrated our 10 Year Anniversary!

At ESB we decided to commemorate this huge 10 year anniversary with a PARTY!

Pictures are below but keep reading to learn little facts about Elle!

ESB opened in 2012 by the Owners Lisa and Jim. It was always Lisa's dream to open an Aveda Salon and now 10 years later she has since opened a second location in Fresno California!

When Lisa was in Beauty School she felt as if Cosmetology wasn't seen as a profession and since then she has been committed to helping make Hairstylist be seen and known as a profession. Part of the reason she opened an Aveda Salon is that it's Commissioned based which means that the salon provides all the Stylists supplies/color/products/receptionist. With this, it provides the salon to have more team work, less competition, and to be able to work in a stress free environment, a comfortable environment, to be able to have creative and exciting flows within the salon.

Where did the name Elle Style Bar come from?

Lisa loved the name Elle because it means "She" in French. She loved that it was short, simple and classy.

"Style Bar" was added because Elle originally had different "Bars". For example, Brow Bar ,Color Bar, Make-Up Bar. Elle has since streamlined to just Hair and some Makeup but that was how the name originated.

How old is the building Elle Style Bar Clovis is in?

The ESB Clovis building is owned by Jims Family. This building is over 100 Years Old!

The coolest part about this building is the history! Did you know that it once was a Silent Theater with a piano playing with the silent movies, they traded goats out of this building, it was once a cobler business, a barber shop and appliance store!

The Stylists at ESB decided that they wanted to all pitch in and put this party together to celebrate Lisa and Jim and to thank you for all that they have done for us over the years! Everyone did such an amazing job!

Then we made a toast to 10 years!

And to finish off this post, here is a photo of all of our stylist and front desk coordinators!

It wouldn't be us if I didn't include the silly one!

We would love to to take a second to thank YOU for your continued support of Elle Style Bar and we cannot wait to keep serving Clovis and Fresno!

Peace, Love and Jello!


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