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10 must-have AVEDA hair care products

Updated: Jun 8, 2021

Botanical Repair Leave in Conditioner

This is an amazing leave in conditioner that will NOT weigh your hair down, it transforms your hair to healthy hair, and it is also a heat protectant.

Shampure Shampoo and Conditioner

One of AVEDAS original lines, Shampure has a beautiful soft scent that we love! This is a great everyday shampoo and conditioner, that will cleanse your hair thoroughly but also has a slight moisturizing aspect that won't wight your hair down.

Rosemary Mint Shampoo

A great shampoo if you are in need of a hair detox! If you use a lot of products or if you feel like your hair is starting to feel wighted down and you are not sure why, try this! Your hair will feel totally refreshed.

Dry Remedy Masque

If you are not using a mask, why not?? We love the dry remedy masque because it transforms dry and brittle hair to moisturized and gorgeous within minutes!

Thickening Tonic

I like to describe this product like if it were lip plumper but for your hair! Just spray it on before you blow-dry and it give a beautiful body to the hair and makes your hair look and feel fuller!

Hair Potion

If you are in need of volume, this is the product for you! Just sprinkle in a little of this powder and BAM! Volume for days.

Control Paste

One of our favorite paste, if your are in need a some texture and piecey-ness for your pixie cuts.

Nutriplenish Leave In Conditioner

We love this product for tangly hair, it help combs those tangles out with no problem! Also, a heat protectant!


This is a liquid gel that we put in wet hair and dry in. What it does is gives your hair a little bit of texture to help hold the style you put in your hair without making it crunchy feeling.

Curl Enhancer

This is our favorite curl cream! It help define your curls, while demising the frizz and doesn't make your hair crunchy, only softness here!

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